Simplarity is a young innovation consultancy, however between us we have over 50 years of business experience.

The idea of Simplarity originated in 2017 but the company was founded in the midst of the global pandemic in July 2020.

For us Simplarity is not just our company name. Simplarity is a combination of “simple” and “clarity” and it is our commitment to help our clients finding simple and uniquely tailored solutions to resolve their complex challenges in: Strategic and Technological Innovation, Innovation Management and Process Optimisation.

Simply put: we make the complex simple. LoansCashNetUSA.

Simplarity Team

Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva

Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva

Technological Innovation, Innovation Management & Strategy Lead

Alexandra is the Technological Innovation, Innovation Management & Strategy Lead. She is an expert on innovation and technology development with more than 20 years of combined experience in technical and leadership roles in both industry and academia. Alexandra’s passion for innovation makes her a lifelong learner who is always keen to share her knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

She believes that organisations with the right innovation capabilities are better equipped to meet market challenges and deliver value to all stakeholders in an ethical and sustainable way.

Over the years she has successfully designed and implemented innovation initiatives and strategies driving business growth and fostering the culture of innovation. She will help you find simple, fit-for-purpose solutions to meet specific needs of your organisation and realize its growth opportunities.

Marta Marjan

Process Optimisation and Strategic Operations Lead

Marta is the Process Optimisation and Strategic Operations Lead with over 17 years of practical experience in Projects and Operations. She has been holding industry specialist, managerial and consultancy roles around the world. Her passion and expertise is in sustainable improvements, optimisation and digitalisation – increasing customers’ profitability and influencing cultural changes. With her multicultural background, challenging the status quo to generate value added ideas comes to her naturally.

Our Science and Technology Advisory Team

Dr. Vassili Fedotov

Dr. Vassili Fedotov 

Areas of expertise:

• Optics and electrodynamics
• Nanophotonics and plasmonics
• Novel electromagnetic materials (metamaterials)

Vassili is an internationally recognised expert in metamaterials (artificially engineered electromagnetic materials), plasmonics and nanophotonics. He pioneered the research on planar, superconducting and quantum metamaterials, optical super-resolution, and electrodynamics of toroidal and supertoroidal current and field configurations. He discovered a new mechanism of electromagnetic transparency and a new fundamental effect of asymmetric transmission. The latter work has been placed by Google Scholar among the top ten classic papers in electromagnetism.

His most recent research activity concerns the development of active and tuneable material systems for controlling light and terahertz radiation, and novel hybrid nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) for smart optical materials, nanophotonic circuits, sensors and display applications.
Vassili holds 2 patents and has published over 80 papers in leading research journals (> 8200 citations). He is a member of the European Physical Society and EU Virtual Institute for Artificial Electromagnetic Materials and Metamaterials. 

Dr. Hessam Alavi 

Areas of expertise:

• Acoustical engineering (sensing and imaging)
• Noise control
• Systems engineering

Hessam is an expert in acoustical engineering and noise control with over 11 years of experience in a variety of different industries including consumer electronics, automotive, aviation and technology 4.0, specifically focusing on automation of traditional manufacturing, by integrating modern smart technology such as large-scale machine-to-machine communication and the internet of things (IoT).

He has been working in the field of systems engineering and management, and over the years delivered engineering projects including new Jaguar F-Type, Range Rover Velar, new Range Rover Evoque and new 3D audio technology soundbar for the consumer electronic market using Model-Base Design Engineering and agile methodology.

Hessam is passionate about all aspect of electrification and neutral carbon footprint for the future products. He is motivated by finding elegant solutions to challenging problems and turning them into successful outcomes.


Dr. Nikitas Papasimakis 

Areas of expertise:

• Artificial intelligence (AI) in photonics
• Topology and complexity in electrodynamics
• 2D materials for nanophotonics and plasmonics

Nikitas is a leading expert in the fields of physical optics and artificial electromagnetic materials (metamaterials). His research spans a wide range of areas, including microwave and optical metamaterials, nonlinear and ultrafast optics, graphene plasmonics, slow light, optical transport in disordered media. The highlights of his work include the introduction of collective optical effects in metamaterials, generation of exotic ultra-short electromagnetic pulses and demonstration of carbon nanotube and graphene metamaterials. Nikitas has also pioneered the development of atom thick nanostructures exhibiting strong optical magnetism.

His current work involves the application of AI approaches to the generation of exotic light beams and pulses, and design of novel electromagnetic materials for applications in telecommunications, energy transfer, spectroscopy and imaging.

Nikitas has authored over 40 articles in major scientific journals with more than 5600 citations.


Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva

Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva

Areas of expertise:

• Downhole wireless telemetry
• Downhole power and energy

Alexandra is an expert in downhole wireless telemetry and downhole power/energy solutions for oil and gas applications.

She was instrumental in the development of a downhole wireless technology for Expro, an international oil and gas service company. Alexandra developed rigorous multiphysics simulation models to predict wireless telemetry performance of Expro’s products, conducted downhole battery tests for wireless products, and served as Product Line and Technology Manager establishing and implementing product development strategy and IP strategy at Expro.

Alexandra has 10 patent families (7 granted, 3 pending) and published 11 papers in major peer reviewed scientific journals (>1100 citations). She also served as an expert reviewer for EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development FP7 and Horizon 2020.

Our 5S Approach