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‘Be cruel only to be kind’: 3 game-changing moves to elevate your team’s performance

The pace of innovation and disruption was high even before the pandemic, which only accelerated it further. How do you build teams that are be able to win and thrive in this environment, where all elements (be it markets, technology, competition, and customers) are constantly changing? Building high-performance teams is not for the faint-hearted and will require some tough decisions, but the prize is worth it.

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Technology Spotlight: Optical Engineering for the 21st Century – Recent Advances in Structured Ultrashort Light Pulses Technology

We have spoken with Dr. Nikitas  Papasimakis, our scientific adviser and expert in physical optics, about this new and exciting technology that enables the generation of Structured Ultrashort Light Pulses. To begin, could you tell us what Structured Ultrashort Light Pulses are and what the recent advances in this technology are? Ultrashort pulses are…