Festive Season Greetings – Looking Back and Moving Forward

Every December, as the year draws to a close, many of us (would it be individuals or businesses) review our achievements and prepare resolutions for the year ahead.
That is not an easy task this year with so many changes that have taken place and so much uncertainty as to their long-term impact and consequences. 

Despite this ambiguity, we would like to share with you our reflection on the journey Simpalrity has made this year and our plans for the future.

Looking back

For us, as well as for many other people, 2020 has been a year of numerous fundamental pivots, on-going struggles, surprising discoveries and demonstration of great human potential and adaptability.

Stranded in our homes, far away from our family members and friends, like billions of other people around the globe, unable to pursue our passion for real-life adventures and knowledge sharing, we decided to step into the unknown digital world and find a way of fulfilling our passion in that regard. As so, we ditched our tired rucksacks and hiking boots for digital pens.

We learned how to replace face-to-face meetings with collaborative digital platforms and started sharing our thoughts and ideas on-line.

Do not let fear keep you inside your shell. In order to move forward you need to stick your head out.”

Wisdom from the Turtle

As we continue to share our knowledge and perspectives with our network we have been humbled by the interest our posts have generated and the support we received, not only from family and friends, but also from (at that time) complete strangers.

It may have been the “new normal” with remote working and the furlough scheme (giving people more disposable time), that boosted an interest in what we have been doing …
However, we choose to believe that it has been our fresh ideas and personality that attracted your attention!

The bottom line is, we have enjoyed sharing our thoughts and ideas with you and feel motivated and rewarded by the attention from our growing and diverse network of followers.

Today, having formally registered our company, we are making our first steps toward international collaboration.

In Q4 2020 we made a strategic decision to expand our team of science and technology experts aimed at enhancing our services by providing our customers with holistic, innovative, technological solutions to their challenges.  It has been an incredible journey overcoming our own limitations, learning new skills and networking in the virtual space with so many inspirational people.

Moving forward

Next year we are planning to take a break to catch up on our real world adventures …

Just kidding!
We intend to continue sharing our knowledge, support professionals as well as businesses in overcoming innovation challenges, identifying new growth and improvement opportunities.

We have a number of digital tools in the pipeline which will become available on our website in due course. 

Whilst, of course, we are very excited about sharing our tools and frameworks with you, they must add value. Your feedback, as always, will be a testimony to their pertinence. Thank you for your continued support throughout 2020 and we look forward to our collaboration in 2021.

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