Marketing Orientation Assesment Tool

What it does​

The Marketing Orientation* Assessment Tool helps you assess the extent to which your organisation is marketing orientated.

How to Use it​

Use the questionnaire below to assess marketing orientation levels of your organisation in three dimensions: Intelligence Generation, Intelligence Dissemination and Responsiveness. ​

See the results presented in two charts: the Radar Chart showing all your data and the Bar Chart showing your scores for each of the three dimensions.


The questionnaire consists of 20 statements. Respond to each statement and indicate your level of agreement by selecting an appropriate option.

Press the "right arrow" button after selecting the appropriate option and go back (if required) by pressing the "left arrow" button.

When you finish, you will see the Radar Chart with all your results and the Bar Chart with your average score for all three dimensions: Intelligence Generation, Intelligence Dissemination and Responsiveness. ​

You also will be able to compare your organisation’s marketing orientation to the sample group used in Kohli et al.’s study**.

Intelligence Generation

1. In our company (business unit), we meet with customers at least once a year to find out what products or services they will need in the future.


Mean level of Sample Group**
Your Company

Performance Summary Overview

*A marketing orientated organisation devotes resources to understanding of:

  1. the needs and buying behaviours of customers;
  2. competitors’ activities and strategies;
  3. market trends and external forces.
Inter-functional coordination ensures that the organisation’s activities and capabilities are aligned with the marketing intelligence.

**Kohli, A.K., Jaworski, B.J. and Kumar, A. (1993) ‘MARKOR: A Measure of Market Orientation’, Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 30, no. 4, pp. 467–77