About Us

A glimpse into our history, culture, and team.

About Us

A glimpse into our history, culture, and team.

Who We Are

Simplarity, a concept originated in 2017, blossomed into a company in the midst of the global pandemic in July 2020.
To us Simplarity is not just our company name. Simplarity is a philosophy, born from the fusion of “simple” and “clarity”. It embodies our dedication to delivering clear guidance to our clients, leading them towards simple and uniquely tailored solutions for resolving their complex challenges.
Picture your business as s a skilful turtle navigating the ocean’s depths.
When the turtle in its natural environment, it harnesses currents to propel itself in the right direction, it swiftly adjusts its course when confronted by threats. However, when pushed out from its natural habitat, it becomes vulnerable and lost. Now, let’s translate this into the world of business. Imagine that these ocean currents, along with the vibrant marine life, symbolise opportunities and risks such as market trends and customer behaviours. Imagine that the turtle’s flippers represent your strategic propellers, demonstrating your agility and resilience in times of disruption and uncertainty. And imagine the turtle’s shell as a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses, including your competitive advantages.
That’s where Simplarity comes in. Through analysis and innovative thinking, applying our expertise in improving business systems and redefining business models and strategies, we transform convoluted problems into streamlined solutions and help our clients to define a clear pathway to success. Simply put: we make the complex simple.

Our Team

Simplarity’s Founders.

Marta Marjan, MBA, MSc, ChPP

With 20+ years of expertise in the Cleantech and Energy industry Marta specialises in transformational initiatives assisting your organisation in preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

With a talent for integrating solutions that yield tangible results and significant business outcomes, she is your partner for success.

Her wealth of experience will help tackle your intricate business challenges, while her transformational expertise and strategic vision will set your business on a path to prosperity.

Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva

With 20+ years of experience working in industry and academia Alexandra offers extensive expertise in innovation and technology development.

A dedicated lifelong learner, she empowers others to achieve their goals through developing robust innovation strategies, building strong innovation capabilities and fostering innovation culture.

Her expertise will help you to deliver tailored solutions for the growth needs of your organization, ensuring ethical approach and sustainable long-term success.

Our Vision, Mission and Approach

Our Vision

We envisage the world where every leader is empowered with simple, tailored solutions to drive sustainable development.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help leaders to build sustainable organisation for a better tomorrow.

Our Approach

We aspire to build our partnership on trust and collaboration, and deliver unique, tangible outputs at each of our work phases.

Our Values

Every decision is guided by our core values in mind.


For us it means being honest with our clients and ourselves, being courageous in consistently adhering to ethical principles and values.

Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome and embrace differences, courage, curiosity. We value and respect all points of view.


We are committed to deliver simple, relevant, sustainable solutions for our clients by offering our expertise and visionary skills.

Sustainable Innovation

For us it means applying growth mindset, technology advancements and modern management practices to launch sustainable solutions.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Simplarity, our logo’s sea turtle is not just a symbol – it is a commitment. Proudly adopting the endangered green sea turtle in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This endeavour represents not only our dedication to preserving biodiversity but also signifies our promise to guide your business towards sustainable success. Join us in making waves of positive change.

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