Trick or Treat: Investing in Innovation During a Recession

In times of recession, fear can loom large, especially when it comes to investing in innovation. However, rather than succumbing to the urge to slash innovation budgets, it’s essential to adopt a strategic approach to investment in innovation.

Data Governance, The One to Rule Them All

Almost every company strives to become a data driven business. To succeed with the transformation the company’s leadership will need to juggle many data management elements. That’s why we recommend to start with Data Governance function and take a systems thinking approach while embarking on the transformational journey.

Making New Year Resolutions – a Leader’s Approach

Are you, as a leader, going to make your resolutions for 2022? How do you set goals for the next year? Here are four key domains we suggest you consider while making new year resolutions, if you want to become a better leader and grow professionally and personally.

5 Hallmarks of an Innovative Organisation

People in organisations like to talk about innovation and every other company has innovation among its main values. But how to recognise a truly innovative company? These 5 criteria will help you.

21st Century Workforce – from STEM to ECOSYSTEM

What skills will you need to succeed at your job in the 21st century? We at Simplarity believe these are STEM skills necessarily complimented by such soft skills as Empathy, Critical thinking, Originality, Social and Your self-knowledge. We refer to this skill set as ECOSYSTEM.

Digital Transformation: 7 steps to increase your success

As the world emerges from lockdown and prepares to recover from the economic and humanitarian crises caused by COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are going to embark on the digital transformation journey. How to increase their chances of success at the end of the journey?

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