The Leader of Tomorrow: Key Soft Skills of a Leader in times of Change and Uncertainty

Are you ready to lead the future? Learn key leadership soft skills to stay one step ahead of today's fast-paced, tech-driven world. Dive into this exciting self-paced course packed with real-world examples and insights.

Course Curriculum

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Module 1 – Industrial Revolutions and Change


Module 2 – Key Soft Skills



Course Instructors

Alexandra Rogacheva
Fuelled by an enduring curiosity that was ignited at a young age, Alexandra’s favorite question “why” has consistently guided her educational and professional pursuits. This critical inquiry has led her to choose physics as her major in university and has become a pivotal tool in her approach to solving complex business challenges related to innovation. Passionate about innovation, she strongly believes in the power of developing the right innovation capabilities within organizations. This allows them to navigate their challenges and deliver ethical and sustainable value to all stakeholders. Alexandra’s approach is a unique blend of creative and design thinking, with a strong emphasis on establishing beneficial stakeholder relationships and fostering multidisciplinary teams. Her unique skill set has been refined through a combination of a robust engineering and scientific background, extensive managerial experience, and deep industry knowledge. This enables her to design and deploy processes and initiatives that strategically enhance innovation capabilities within business organizations.

Marta Marjan

As a seasoned business leader with over 20 years of experience in the Energy industry, Marta has an established reputation for delivering high-value, complex projects worldwide. Her leadership prowess is demonstrated through her ability to manage diverse, multinational, and cross-functional teams, often orchestrating collaborative projects across various remote locations. Marta brings an enlightened approach to leadership that is rooted in fostering mutual respect and trust. This approach effectively taps into individual and team potential, propelling exceptional results and fostering an environment where young talent can thrive and develop. Marta’s expertise extends to change management and risk management, essential components for navigating the uncertainties of the current business landscape. These capabilities have been instrumental in her ability to steer teams and organizations through periods of transition and uncertainty, ensuring resilience and adaptability.

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